Fully Insulated Intelligent Ring Network Switchgear

ROLINKPOWER™ Fully insulated intelligent ring network switchgear covered SF6 gas insulation series, solid insulation series, environmental protection gas insulation series, and equipped with ROLINKPOWER’s intelligent power supply Internet of Things system, truly established a power supply digital ecology with "unattended or attended"

Intelligent Power Supply Cloud Platform

ROLINKPOWER™ intelligent power supply cloud platform integrating new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, expert system, biometrics, image recognition, holographic perception, 5G communication, Beidou short message…has built a comprehensive energy management platform of integrating multi-source coordination and control, intelligent supervision, operation and maintenance of power transmission and distribution, and intelligent electricity consumption.

Intelligent Device

Data acquisition, control, forwarding, electro circuit maintenance, Equipment early warning and fault analysis

Measurement and control terminal iCS-PT/V/C/F100
Microcomputer protection iCS-A100
Intelligent gateway CMU-A300
Measurement and control terminal iCS-PT/V/C/F100

Deep integration of primary equipment and secondary control, reduces the number of complex secondary wiring, and the embedded MCU is more intelligent to monitor and ensure the healthy operation of on-site primary equipment.

Microcomputer protection iCS-A100

Collect the data of the equipment for analysis and processing, and forward the data to the cloud through various communication methods to achieve real-time monitoring and remote control of the equipment.

Intelligent gateway CMU-A300

Collect the data of the equipment for analysis and processing, and forward the data to the cloud through various communication methods to achieve real-time monitoring and remote control of the equipment.

Front Products

Data collection, processing, storage and exception push

Data processing rule engine
Multi network type/multi protocol support
High performanceData Security
Data processing rule engine

Analyze, store and push abnormal information on data.

Multi network type/multi protocol support

Support the connection of various network devices such as WiFi, Ethernet, 4G/2G, RS485, and support the device to connect to the cloud platform through TCP, MQTT, HTTPS.

High performance

The system is designed with a high-performance framework, which supports high concurrency and distributed deployment.


The equipment access adopts the authentication method, and the data is encrypted to ensure the security of the data.

Intelligent cloud platform


Data visualization
Message Push
Management of Operation and MaintenanceRemote Control
Data visualization

Visually view the equipment data information through the graphical interface.

Message push

Push the message, alarm and fault information generated by the equipment to users. Support SMS, APP, WeChat, email and other push methods.

Management of Operation and maintenance

The omni-directional operation and maintenance system conducts detailed patrol inspection and defect elimination management on equipment.

Remote control

Support remote control operation of the equipment to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the operation.

Mobile Terminal

Have APP and small program mobile client terminal

Luokai Intelligent Electrician APP
RoLink APP
Luokai Intelligent APP
Luokai Intelligent Electrician APP

Electricians with qualification certification, 7 * 24 hour response, online and offline timely troubleshooting

RoLink APP

Mobile APP program allows users to view device data and receive real-time alarm information anytime and anywhere.

Luokai Intelligent APP

Attached to the WeChat client terminal, allow users to view information more conveniently without being restricted by mobile phones

"Cloud Management Terminal", One stop solution for intelligent power consumption

50 years of technology accumulation, the most comprehensive business scenario, combined with the innovation ability of ROLINKPOWER technical team, to provide a comprehensive technology solution for the power industry + Internet of Things

Intelligent ring network switchgear system
Intelligent power distribution room system
Electrical fire monitoring system

System solution for intelligent power distribution room

      Our company’s RolinkPower ™ intelligent ring network switchgear system adopted Internet of Things technology, combined with online+offline services, to achieve the intelligent power consumption concept of the "unattended, attended" power distribution system. The system adopted intelligent ring network switchgear is characterized by miniaturization and environmental protection, integrates intelligent control and data service, and deeply integrates primary equipment and secondary control. The data is collected, analyzed and processed through the intelligent gateway, and stored by the cloud platform. Edge algorithms and big data analysis are used to judge the operation and "healthy" status of the equipment. Users can know the health status of the device in real time through the mobile phone APP or PC, and the data center conducts all-weather and all-around monitoring. The professional team works cooperatively throughout the whole process to provide users with "one-stop service" from the installation of terminal equipment, data access, data analysis, health warning, to the later operation and maintenance, and fault repair.


Intelligent power distribution room system solution




      RP-EFM 电气火灾监控系统运用云计算技术,实现电气安全数据从现场到云端至APP的高效传输,多维度智能监测、分析漏电、电弧、过载、短路、线路温度异常等多项电气安全危害,精确定位电气火灾隐患并及时推送信息,让电气安全看得见、摸得着、防得了、控得住。应用灭弧式电气防火保护装置、故障电弧探测器、无线烟感探测器、可燃气体探测器等实时采集数据。现场排查隐患后,直接用APP将整个过程和结果记录至平台,用户可在线通过用电安全报表,掌握实际情况,杜绝用电不透明、私接乱拉、电器不规范使用、线路老化等问题。同时联动监控、消防、防火门、应急照明提供监视、控制、隔离、照明安全基础保障。  


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