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Create professional "cloud,communication channels,Edge computing,terminals" integrated software tailored for customers.
Customable development, expansion system functions, docking and integration services can meet your various operational needs


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What can we offer you?

Equipment Access

Our products support the connection of various intelligent devices and various cloud protocols.

Our products support access to millions of devices, high concurrency, high performance, distributed deployment, and data encryption.

Cloud management platform

Equipment management, historical data query and export, remote control and remote adjustment, log management, instant message prompt, patrol task, after-sales work order, user membership permission management, etc.

It has many plug-in libraries with high scalability to meet different operational needs.


Perfect API interface to connect with multi terminal products.

With supporting APP, WeChat Mini Program and mobile terminal application, mobile software can be customized according to users’ needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Support image recognition, face recognition and machine learning

Build AI algorithm, model training and prediction & forecast.

Data Factory

Flexible construction of data model and visual application (ETL, data warehouse, situation, map, large screen)

Support massive data storage, integration, management, operation and maintenance, and analysis

3D Visualization

Integrated HTML5 2D/3D engine, cross operating system, cross browser, cross desktop and mobile devices

Realize virtual simulation of all equipment in the data center, build the whole project panorama in 3D mode, view and analyze monitoring information in real time, and let users have a 3D immersive experience.

Why choose us?

Technical Strength

Since its establishment, the company has obtained 8 national soft copyright patents

Multiple mature products

At present, the company has intelligent ring network switchgear system, intelligent power distribution room system, electrical fire disaster monitoring system, environmental protection electricity monitoring system

Comprehensive energy service system, 5 system platforms, and supporting mobile software such as APP and Wechat mini programs.

Years of technical team experience

The company team has more than 10 years of industry experience, and has a mature full set of solutions in the Internet of Things field.

More than 200 enterprise users all over the world

Since its establishment, the company has obtained the choice of many worldwide famous enterprise users, and good products are trustworthy.

Perfect service system

7 * 24 hours online support

We not only have excellent service, but also have a long service time. Service upgrade, covering Sunday, serving you all day long, and being the intimate steward of your website.

Customer manager one-to-one service

Senior account managers in the industry cooperate throughout the process to provide you with high-quality industrial solutions.

Full cycle service

Project demand survey, plan making, project prototype drawing, design draft output, software development, functional testing, project acceptance, project operation and maintenance full cycle services.

Customer service system

Hierarchical response to the customer service system to quickly handle abnormal problems for users, online and offline collaborative processing

Intelligent switchgear manufacturing base:

Marketing hotline: 182-6295-5506(President Zhang)

Office telephone: 0519-8879-0029

Company Email:

No. 101, Yong'anli Road, Luoyang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Power Supply Internet of Things Technology Research Institute:

Technical hotline: 135-7196-5090(President Liu)

Office telephone: 029-8114-1058

Company Email:

Building B, CIC International, Jinye 1st Road, High tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi

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