System integration service

ROLINKPOWER ™ computer information system integration project management service system has been established. With years of industrial experience in system integration such as industry, construction and urban infrastructure, data center and computer room, power system and new energy, and based on excellent project management, processes, working methods and tools, it provides customers with full process, all-round, personalized and integrated intelligent power management and energy management system integration services.

We have

Computer Information System Integration Qualification Certificate and Building Intelligent Construction Qualification Certificate

A professional service team composed of several well-trained senior project managers and user service engineers for project implementation and management

Engineering design team with national registered electrical engineer

Software R&D center composed of more than 100 software R&D engineers in Xi'an and Changzhou

Project System Integration Flow Chart
Customer value

Maximize the investment value of users

For each project, we set up a project team composed of various professionals to carry out project implementation and on-site construction management. By providing system services such as project consultation, system design, programming implementation, installation and debugging, and training support, it has met the basic needs of users to improve the automation degree of the production system and realized the investment value of users.

Guarantee project quality in an all-round way

In order to ensure a project complete on schedule and with high quality, the project leader is assigned to organize and command the whole process of project implementation, and the project team is composed of engineering technicians and technical workers with rich experience in substation site construction. Our project team members are composed of the company's managers, project managers, engineers, technicians and other support personnel. They are input in batches according to the project progress, increasing or decreasing with the project progress, and clearly regulate the responsibilities of each person and their communication and coordination relationships

Simplify system complexity and improve system flexibility

We provide high-quality engineering design and construction scheme for each project, effectively improve the organic composition, efficiency, integrity and flexibility of the system, simplify the complexity of the system, and ultimately provide a set of practical and complete solutions for enterprises.

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