Intelligent Power Pipe Gallery System Solution

The intelligent power supply control system integrates the Internet of Things technology to conduct holographic monitoring and perception on urban power station, which can realize accident early warning.


Scheme Overview

With the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of high-voltage cables enter the ground, which brings us many problems: the narrow and closed cable trench is easy to produce a large number of toxic and flammable gases, which accelerates the aging of cables. It is easy to explode and cause fire when encountering open fire or cable discharge fault. As the cable trench is underground and interconnected, once a fire occurs, it will spread rapidly and difficult to be extinguished quickly, resulting in huge social and economic losses and even casualties.

As there is no difference between working power supply and communication signal in cable trench, cable trench monitoring is a blind area in power system management and a difficult point in operation and maintenance. ROLINKPOWER ™’s solution of intelligent power supply system adopts the Internet of Things technology., by installing integrated environmental monitoring terminals and other sensors, online monitoring of the operating parameters, environmental parameters and security status of urban power supply can realize accident warning, change "passive repair" to "active operation and maintenance", and improve the reliability of power supply and consumption. Combined with big data application, it can realize power grid load analysis, cable current carrying capacity expansion assessment, cable duct risk assessment, network topology traceability and other functions. ROLINKPOWER ™ Intelligent power supply system can be widely used in tunnel monitoring, cable trench monitoring, mine monitoring, integrated power station monitoring and other application sites.

Scheme Architecture

ROLINKPOWER ™‘s intelligent power supply system solution by the IoRa/NB-loT wireless communication technology integrates the data collection, data processing, wireless communication, power management, and edge computing to realize online monitoring of operating parameters, environmental parameters, and security status of power supply, distribution room, substation, etc. It is applicable to the safety operation monitoring of cable trench, tunnel, urban comprehensive supply, power distribution room, etc.

System Scheme

ROLINKPOWER ™’s solution of intelligent power supply control system can realize real-time monitoring of power grid operation data, real-time monitoring of cable and power station security status, and holographic perception of power station environmental data through various smart sensor terminals.

According to different application sites, ROLINKPOWER ™ Lora wireless communication or NB Iot communication can be selected as the solution of intelligent power supply system. Lora communication mode needs to collect data through the gateway and upload the data to the system platform through 4G. NB Iot communication mode can directly upload the data to the system platform through a proprietary base station

Configuration of Integrated Environmental Monitoring Terminal

The environmental monitoring terminal supports flexible configuration and can be configured into a variety of sensors to realize combustible gas monitoring, harmful gas monitoring, smoke fire gas monitoring, oxygen solubility monitoring and other functions.

System Function

Accident Warning

Cable temperature overrun alarm, smoke fire alarm, liquid level overrun alarm, dangerous gas overrun alarm, and unauthorized personnel intrusion alarm.

Remote Maintenance Management

Real time monitoring of cable operation data, holographic perception of operation environment, and clear management of cable asset account.

Big Data Application

Cable current carrying capacity expansion assessment, network topology traceability, and risk assessment of cable control system.

Advantage of the system

Wireless Communication

LoRa/NB-lot communication, Wide coverage and strong signal capability

Ultra low power consumption

The sensor has a built-in power supply, with a service life of more than 10 years.

Rapid deployment

No external wiring, easy deployment, flexible to configure various of sensors.

High reliability

Send monitoring data regularly.

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